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So … one does not make three you know. Maybe we can point it out in the morning, if you’re still here. The needles are pinned towards the circle of treacle. Wet. Wet Robin. Of course she was wearing her coat. I cannot open the red can of tomatoes with my fork either. You can too. Jesus Louisas. So someday my man will come along as a wolf in green arrows. And I’ll … tread on his toes-es … in this dancing funk.


Like what? Do you think I’m made of the cellular structure of ‘I would do it for a laugh?’ No way honey. This is a serious inclusion of the clavicle we are talking about. And there is no icing on the cake. Call them off … call the woodsmen off for gaw’ds sake Samantha. We need to go to town and cause a red rotten riot. Slam those knees against those trunks girls. Unfurl the banners and flag em down.


I’m not sure when it began 3 probably. That sounds right. I like the number three. And there were 2 of them I think, maybe 4 no 3. See 3 again … told you.  Hmm not that much happened. It was a pretty ordinary place and as I said I wasn’t very interested. He said something that’s for sure. It wasn’t big … but you know the big impact thing …  well it sorta happened. And then it sorta went flat.


Well I’m just saying you pick me up and youuu put me down … hold’n sway like that. Hold’n sway. Meanwhile I’m sitting here wearing my skinknuckles to the bone, trying to make your sense and what do I get for it? Ah tell me that? That is a question to you … … nothin you’ve got snothing … well fuck you. I’m outa here. I’m going to be at all of my mothers.


Something else. More of a roaring snoring sort of feel was there at that time. Timing is everything they say. Tiring me. That time. That time. She. He. The taproots kaput.


I can’t you won’t. What’s the pointing out? I told you I’d had enough. Put the cart before the horse. There is corrugated iron along the fence line. I never dry my nothings on it without a peg board.


(What about ridiculous chores and make does and fix it uppers …

A woman protagonist always doing).


Not wanting to sound ordinary I rolled the plum up and out of my neck hole.

Cotton sheets folded as small squares are not the use of.


More and plenty. The beginning and end of the shelf. Tinned peaches were not liable to small strait lines across the wall way. Hall ways of dusters. Dogggsmelll.

                             from Conversational Poetry- majena mafe


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