…four yellow loops, no moor’n likely 7

1 the spinning flat rose givies birth

No1. – the spinning flat rose gives birth

 Your mouth is full of repeated language

If you touch it it is a yellow one – its loops to the side three.

If it is more off a square.

A babbling

The loop is eating a big pink flower that is made fast by a hundred stitches

A spinning flat rose is giving birth.

In the top corner is a circle of magic blue containing a code

The rose is hiding on the grey wall.

There is wreath of flowers that broke away, chattering, a small line of yellow and one of ombre reddened.

And all is edged in flowers and pale ice blue satin that is cheap and folded in and over and under and stitched down so none of it -all- escapes of the curse.

2 flowers are everywhere and nowhere

No2. flowers are everywhere and nowhere

If you look-see there is a big big pink flat flower lie-ing itself on a flatness that is grey grey grey as cloth for cheese…gasping.

The petal-pink flower is turned away from a laugh and tough tall wall built of bricks of dark red shinesatin with blue butterflies and desiccated lounge flowers

these reach tall over it, like I said and float about half the way and under specially the butterflies that cover a stickiness and more more flowers that are not so small and they float on blue and they are the silky ones

And buttonhole flowers slither and zizzle up close … together. Like a singing.

And part of the square is broken and falls down even though it is grey framed and held tight within – its broken-ing out this one this frames on the move.

3 all the yellow flowers are formal now
No3. all the flowers in the world are formal now I swear

Smelling like sulphur the big yellow box is sliding down the wall squar-er-ed.

Off a loopy loop of sheer with knots as buttons spin-in between turmeric and dull dull … green-er-ing.

There is grey-like a rainy day.

This squares to (too) regular it needs tonguing out, petal-ling over

In sounding, flowers are everywhere and nowhere

Lots of tiny stitches hiss their own way

Theirs is furrow and feather

There is too square. It echoes. 

4 she wore a blue coat with flowers on the inside

No4. She wore a blue coat with flowers on the inside

Your mouth is full of chatter.

Smalling this one, is made like bleached cream chaassen-ed cheese, mild but with

3 hexagons and one circle lie’n in wait


the long line is bein in the middle – again

Oh laugh out loud

Look its diving something again … but its only a pleat

there is blue above and flowers everywhere and stitches all around squirming inside the edges that have a wriggle-dy coy to square but not’n …

no not’n two knot.

on the back are 51.

5 small puffs of happiness flowering

No5. small puffs of happiness flowering like a stammer

 small puff of happiness flowering’d

on the right day t’was Monday 

it was grey. They called up.

can’t you keep the door closed Clarissa?

open it with your hook …

this is a failure too

its bluebells knotted its not 

can I?

can I?

can I?

its all undo undone-ing. I swear.

6 they went round and round

No6. they went round and round

 the world is round said Gertrude 

 no-one listens in a book about the world

Willy and Rose and Henry and tigers and everybody

still she climbed on and on … she was a gasp

Hey blue grey eyes round and round

the go round here is pretty flat

flattered like might

mountains blow apart

the seas go grey

and the skies of the round round are full of putrid smoke

Mary come here, sit in my lap. Sing.

7 if you look see

No7. if you look see

If you look see me

the three hexagons chime and mumble

there is a speech bubble of please in the garden

Its breaking up Florence was her name … she held the seeds in her apron pockets

all of them

there is a little blue sky but it is falling 

 though it is full of the perfume of her knees

were there forget me nots?

 shut the door, Tuesday. Humming. 

                             from Conversational Poetry- majena mafe

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