everything prepares you …

fdetail everything prepares



Some crayfish are already in the car. Some are in Margaret.

After dinner, she was still hungry so I brought her a hamburger.

She is blue now and wants her lobster back … but it’s in the can now.

It’s all over red rover.


Beauty inside my mouth is lisping to whispering jackasses.

I told you not to go to the cupboard there are too many tins there blue-ing.

Wait. Wait till Monday nite, then we can canoodle to doodle.

Quick Joyce cut that kettle drum in two.


The correct incantations are those reaching out.

Come home they say but it’s gone. The songs over.

The system of relationships is not a system.

I know you can’t help it I’m trying to say this once again.

Slide into it, Maureen. The side of the fibro house is come undone

in the blinding sunshine and rainbows.

I loves you Dianne though you sat/shat on my lap.


She was just about to … but then he was just about to too.

Why the time piece delays?

Why the cat is out of the bag, do you know her?

Are you him – does the bag have a name? Mary come here.


Of substances that can reach out.

They do not have ears … anymore, Theresa sighs one thing.

For sure is the unravelling of the stitched tongue.

It is no longer the pink one but one with 3 eyes.


Given January make me green.

Open the cakes times before.

One way is across and then through tinned aqua.

Sometimes her dust rust sweetens the livery.

But jenny had bright hair.


Some people, Shirley for instance think troubling things.

Not using real names only the good ones are protected.

Raymond Chandler was cute, sort of

Was he really crippled?

I would have liked to kiss his knees

His wheelchair a weapon of love.


Always all the rest are the problem.

All the cars on the wheels too

He who shall remain nameless, Dan, is …

Jumper leads make not a scrap of difference

In the fall from grace.

Pass the more cheese honey.

                                                        from Conversational Poetry- majena mafe

feverything prepares you for something

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