knot Mary-Jane’s

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I’m thinking of telling you something but I wouldn’t. It’s too late anyway. I’m starting again. What? You can go to hell … is this brisket l told the lot of them. Sure, no worries … what will be will be she used to think of saying sometimes said. I said it 3 times already. Maybe you weren’t listening. Maybe they haven’t changed a lot. Still it comes on and on if you’d like to throw now? No? You know? We can work it out surely. Hay wait a minute.


It is the story of the notable words said and how they sounded them.

It is the story of the poets-esses said them …

Like a trumpet like a trumpet she named them.

A coagulation of them came. First Stein, then Marie … French woman the sybil and the rock the rooock. The hole in it. The well.

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